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Hi, I'm Monika, your sugarist.  For 20 years I worked in the corporate world, surrounded by people every day, but rarely getting to interact with them on a personal level.  A few years ago I decided to change that.  I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do, but I certainly knew all the things I no longer wanted to do.  In fact, I made a list of everything I wanted and didn't want in a new career.  When a friend told me about her new business as a sugarist, I realized that her career checked all the boxes on my list.  And finally, I knew what I wanted to do.   

The reading room in our home, with its many teak and antique book cases, has been converted into a comfortable and private treatment room.   I am located on the southside of Edmonton, five blocks west of Southgate Shopping Center in the quiet residential neighborhood of Lendrum, on a bus route and near the LRT.

When I'm not doing body sugaring, I spend my time reading, traveling, gardening and doing yoga and pilates. 

I hope when you visit me at Lendrum Sugaring that you will be very pleased with the results and will want to try it again.  The only way to build a successful business is one happy customer at a time.

If you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment, email me at lendrumsugaring@gmail.com or call or text me at 780-270-3122 or submit the form below.   
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