Customer Testimonials

Cole V.
May 12/16
Im not a fan at all of Brazilian waxes! So i decided to research alternative methods. I stumbled upon sugaring. I then looked up people who did sugaring in Edmonton and thats how i found Lendrum Sugaring.  
Monica does this for her home. Which at first i was unsure about. But after meeting her I couldn't be any more comfortable with her! She is super lovely, soft spoken, and kind. 
She is very professional and knows her stuff. The only downside is for people particular on the environment. If your used to a spa environment then you would be disappointed. BUT if your like me and don't mind home business that still have a professional and kind business owner to tend to you, then you will LOVE it.
I told her it was my first experience for sugaring. So she explained everything to me.
I can say with confidence that it does hurt much less then waxing. Its not as violent, hot, or painful as a regular Brazilian wax. 
I'm 100% converted to sugaring and will be a client of Lendrum Sugaring. I recommend this experience and encourage people to try it!
Catie Beeman
July 5/16
Great experience for sugaring. This lady is very knowledgeable, really good at her work and very pleasant. Appreciate the effort she puts in. Highly recommend for both women and men.
 Jimena C.
July 8/16
I will definitely be back to Lendrum Sugaring! Monika is polite, personable and professional. It was so nice to have my sugaring done in a comfortable, clean and relaxing environment. Fantastic service! Sugar waxing is the way to go!
Emile S.
July 9/16
I have recently have hair removal at Lendrum Sugaring I'm quite hairy guy so i was a little apprehensive about it i had my back and arms hair removal with sugaring by Monika very pleasantly surprised by the professional and pleasant setting of the place and for the pain! it wasn't completely painless but easy to manage. This is my first time ever and I will be back with Monika many more times.
Rachel W.
July 18/16
If you haven't tried sugaring yet then you need to. I have been sugaring my body for two years now and would never go back to waxing. Sugaring is a natural process causing less pain. I moved here from Ontario almost a year ago and was very sad to leave the lady I was seeing for the last 2 years. I tried a few different privately owned sugaring spots in Edmonton (I don't want to mention the names) and was disappointed with the service and over charging. 
Monika by far gave the best experience I have ever received. Monika is so meticulous she does not let you leave until every last hair is out even if that means working longer than needed. Monika is very professional and makes you as comfortable as possible. I love going to her house and walking up and seeing her beautiful gardens. 
I have been going to Lendrum Sugaring for a few months now and I have finally found my new sugaring lady.  Thank you!!!!!!!!
 Emile S.
Aug 8/16
Finished my second and third session with Monica and i'm still amazed how much unwanted hair i had. The pain is easily manageable the place is very professional spotless and she is amazing. I would recommend her to anybody, I will never go anywhere else.
​ Chris B.
Aug 15/16
So I'm a guy who waxes (back). I admit it, ain't no shame. But if I can do it with less pain then I'm all over that.  And sugaring did it for me. Monika was polite, professional and a good conversationalist.  Everything was clean and comfortable and as painless as yanking out your hair is ever going to be.  This is a home business in a nice house in a nice neighborhood so it's all good, private.  It's been a couple weeks and no ingrown hairs so I'm happy and I'll be back.
Diana V.
Oct 16/16
Being a veteran of many bad waxing experiences, I decided to try sugaring after a friend recommended me to this place.  I'm really glad I did as I've been here four times now and each visit is as good as the last.  The owner is friendly, personable, professional and skilled at what she does.  It's a nice change to be in a place where the person doing the Brazilian is so interesting to talk with that you don't really notice that she's pulling hair out of your vajayjay, lol.  This place is clean although not a fancy spa atmosphere if that is what you are looking for. And her garden is amazing!
Jovilynn N.
Dec 12/16
Lendrum Sugaring is amazing! Fair price and Monika is such a perfectionist, she makes sure every last hair is removed. Sugaring is much more effective than traditional wax for hair removal. I would recommend Lendrum Sugaring to anyone!
Maria K.
Feb 3/17

Best sugaring place I have been to in Edmonton. I had a bad experience with sugaring from another spa, causing me to have severe in-grown hair. I am so glad to have found this place, Monika is very knowledgable about sugaring and because of her my ingrown hair problem has reduced greatly, the whole sugaring experience was very comfortable. The prices are reasonable especially the full body package. I totally recommend this place for sugaring.
Snehaa S.
Feb 24/17
I had a wonderful experience. Owner is very knowledgeable about sugaring and was very mindful of my comfort during the treatment.

Dedie H.
Mar 30/17
 Amazing!!! So much better then waxing, less pain and better results!
Katarina J.
May 24/17
First time I had sugaring done for brazilian, and I have to say I really like it.  Lady was really nice, took her time, its very nice and clean. Deff would recommend it.  And will go and do it again.
Joy F.
June 9/17
This is by far the best place to get sugared that I have found to date. Monika is very professional, and skilled at her work. Unlike previous sugarings I have had done she ensures every hair she can reasonably remove is dealt with. Her knowledge on after care, and her dedication to ensure her clients have the best quality of service possible is the biggest reason I would recomend going to her. she is also very reasonably priced for the extensive job she does while sugaring.
Amanda T.
July 28/17
She was really friendly and kind, made for a great first time sugaring.
Amanda S.
Aug 23/17
This was my first experience with sugaring. Waxing often left my legs irritated and with severe in-grown hairs so I gave sugaring a try. After one week my legs are still completely smooth with zero irritation! Monika was very thorough in explaining all about sugaring, hair growth and types of removal and I immediately felt at ease and taken care of. Her professionalism, kindness, and extra care to detail will have me coming back for my next treatment and I recommend her to both men and women looking for safe and clean hair removal.
Stephanie O.
Nov 27/17
I've been going to Monika for a while now (probably over a year), and I can say with confidence that I've had the best hair removal experience with her. I've done the traditional wax, soft wax, and laser, and this has been the best so far. On top of sugaring being a better alternative to any of those, Monika's knowledge, friendliness, and affordability are well worth it. I refer her to anyone and everyone who is looking to get sugared.
Lacey L.
Dec 29/17
There is no other place I will go to get sugared. Monika is extremely professional, quick and friendly. I highly recommend Lendrum Sugaring.
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