Body Sugaring vs Waxing
Our sugar pastes are 100% natural containing only sugar, lemon and water. Unlike wax, our sugar pastes contain no petroleum products, chemical additives, urea, parabens, resins or preservatives. 

Our sugar pastes are 100% water soluble so there is no risk of damage to your clothes or to your skin as the sugar paste is easily washed off with lukewarm water.

Our sugar paste gently exfoliates only dead skin cells.  This results in less discomfort even on delicate skin tissue such as the bikini and underarm areas.  Wax sticks to live skin cells which pulls the skin and results in skin irritation and redness.

Our sugar pastes are warmed to body temperature so there is no risk of burning or irritating your skin as there can be with wax.

Our sugar pastes moisturize the hair follicles and are removed in the direction of hair growth resulting in hairs that are removed more easily with less discomfort and less hair breakage than waxing.  Waxing removes hair against the natural direction of hair growth which can result in more ingrown hairs due to the higher number of broken hairs.

Body Sugaring is gentle enough to remove the softest of facial hairs whereas waxing can cause irritation.

Bacteria does not breed in high concentrations of sugar whereas bacteria can breed in wax.  During sugaring only a clean gloved hand is ever inserted into the sugar paste so there is  no chance of bacterial contamination  as there can be with wax.
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